Customer Testimonials

04/02/2020 - I have used these for more than 12+ years. Well worth the price to protein my phone.
Mary Jo G - Johns Creek, GA
04/01/2020 - I have been a fan since the beginning. I LOVE MY CLIP HANGER
Dorree B - AZ
03/24/2020 - I have used clip hangers for years! I’m hard on things and am amazed at how hard it is to break. My phone is easily identified and with the bright colored - easy to find. But most important I can hang it from my purse or belt loop - easy access! I love it!
Calista D - San Diego CA
03/24/2020 - I have used Cliphanger for years!! I just got a new phone so it’s time to get a new Cliphanger!! I cannot live without one. They are wonderful to clip on my jeans or my purse. People are always so amazed at my Cliphanger! I’m really excited to try the new pivot with the ring. That is what I ordered today!!
Nicole S - Ky
03/23/2020 - I have been using this clip for many year. I love it!!! I have some many people asking me where i got it. Its perfect to handle and to carry my phone on my belt loop or purse strap. I cant live without it but unfortunately I dropped my phone in a really bad angle and the clip somehow broke. I need to replace it asap. I cant live without it!!!!
Susy B - Plan, Texas.
03/23/2020 - I first saw Cliphangers at the San Francisco Auto Show what seems to be 20 years ago now. I have used them in some form or fashion on every phone I have had since. I would like to see one that pivots - supports wireless charging - has a secure hold on magnetic mounts - all at the same time!
Jeff W - West Virginia
03/22/2020 - I have lost count of how many Clip Hanger cases I have had. At least twice a week I have people ask me about it. So, of course when I got my new phone yesterday, I ordered a new Clip Hanger case! I genuinely LOVE this product!
Michele A - Lakewood, CO
03/18/2020 - Love Clip Hanger, it's the smartest phone carrier ever. I have never dropped or lost my phone because it's always safely attached to me, my purse, or my car.
Dianne O - Minden, NV
03/15/2020 - I bought my first Cliphangers years ago at the Los Angeles County Fair. It's been enough years that I have no idea how long ago. I would guess at least 10 years. I llived in Upland, CA at the time
Sharon J - Apple Valley, CA
03/10/2020 - Love, love, love the Cliphangers and have recommended/gifted to many friends. Can't live withoutk!!
Vicky A - MISSION Viejo, CA
03/09/2020 - Can't be with out my clip hangers - on Cell, GPS, Heater remotes, Fan remotes and TV remotes. They have saved my sanity more than once!!
Linda R - Albany, OR
03/02/2020 - bought my first clip hanger at a booth in Canton Texas. Was so happy the company took off and I have ordered many of them since.
sonya m - cleveland, TX
03/01/2020 - I have had 2 in the last 5 years and love it. Everyone asks what it is and where I got it so I just give them this website. Anxious to try the new attachment stand.
Jan S - Sandy, UT
02/20/2020 - I have bought several cliphangers over the years after my now husband introduced me to them when we were dating. I can lose absolutely anything so this has been a lifesaver for me! I've used them on my phone, key finders, and the adhesive hooks in multiple places. They are super handy! Love, love my cliphanger and highly recommend anyone try them. They are convenient, helpful, and also look really cute with the various designs and ways that you can order them.
Beverly S - Albany, Georgia
02/15/2020 - Can't live without my cliphanger, it keeps my phone safely clipped on the outside of my purse. I never miss a call or text.
Kim R - Hendersonville, TN
02/13/2020 - Have used Cliphanger for years. Can't live without it!
Pamela A - Petaluma, CA
02/10/2020 - Do I have to comment to order?
William T - Columbia, SC
02/05/2020 - I have used these for years and love them. Am excited about the new ring feature!! Sharon Fosseen
Randy F - Palm Desert CA
02/03/2020 - I do lot of events and of tradeshows, so always need my phone handy without dropping it on concrete, snow or water. I just can't do without my PIVIT and I always get comments and questions about it. I should just carry more on me to sell to others, but I bought two instead, just so I could give one away as a surprise to someone nice... LOL!
Judy G - Laguna Beach, CA
02/01/2020 - Have used Cliphanger product for years. They are extremely useful and sturdy. Would highly recommend these products
Janis B - Nampa, ID
02/01/2020 - I have had a cliphanger FOR YEARS......I think I must have had one of the originals that I got from a fair demonstration. I have actually tried pop sockets and they are ok, but I still drop my phone. As long as I have the cliphanger, I do not drop my phone. I know that there is a special hook to hang it in your car, but I just use a command hook to keep my phone away from the air/heating vents.
Leilani S - Pflugerville, Texas
02/01/2020 - Clip Hanger is amazing! Great way to keep track of your cell phone.
Jo P - Pahrump NV
02/01/2020 - Have had a clip hanger since they 1st came out. The 1st two broke, 1st one was replaced by with the same type ... the 2nd one was replaced with a much stronger one that’s lasted thru my iPhone 3 & iPhone 6. Recently got an iPhone 11 & love the idea of the kickstand & different colored cases. You’ve made it so much more! Thank you!
Brenda G - Floresville, TX
01/22/2020 - I have had on of these on my phone for years. Best thing ever!
Susan K - OWASSO, OK
01/21/2020 - The Auto clip hanger is my favorite feature!! I miss it when in a rental car :-) I've been a customer for 5 phones now.
Debbie K - Dallas, Texas
01/17/2020 - I’ve been a Cliphanger customer for many years and I always get a pivot and case for my new phones. I LOVE the product, plain and simple.
Harvey M - Westminster, California
01/15/2020 - Big fan!!! User for many years back since iPhone 3 days. Back for more. Many thanks for producing a product that makes my smartphone-life safer and easier.
FredoCris R - Redondo Beach, CA
01/15/2020 - I can't even imagine having a phone without a ClipHanger! It makes it so convenient to hold it and I don't need to worry about dropping it.
Leslie A - Torrance, CA
01/13/2020 - I have used Clip Hanger ever since they started. Everyday people ask me about it. I never drop my phone and it is much easier to carry. I give them as presents and wouldn’t trust myself with out one. I love you guys! Thank You!!
Gail M - San Diego, CA
01/13/2020 - I've used your product for years. Best on the market.
Gerald L - Otttawa, Ontario, Canada
01/13/2020 - This is the fourth clip hanger case/pivot I've had. I love the convenience of being able to clip my phone to my pants. The patterns on my current one is starting to chip off, so I think it's time to order another case. Whenever I've had a question or concern, I get positive responses in a timely manner. Great customer service.
susan k - Richmond, CA
01/11/2020 - These are the greatest things since Betty White
Kevin E - California
01/10/2020 - Love this product! Used the product for over 10 years! Fabulous!!!!!
Judie L - Mt. Dora, FL
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