Customer Testimonials

05/22/2019 - First saw it at the Orange County Fair Swap meet , years ago . Bought one and got ““hooked”. I’ve had one ever since then. I love it! Dee
Didem E - Irvine, CA
05/21/2019 - Your products are awesome!!
Catherine S - Tulsa, OK
05/18/2019 - I have used Cliphanger now for over 5 years, and I must say, I love it! I have hookedc it on my purse, my tote, my jeans, and I have even hooked it onto my clipboard.
Jo B - Sugar Land, TX
05/14/2019 - I agree with another customer, cannot do with out my clip. Been using clips over ten years. Have sent several customers to the site and all have bout several!
Joyce M - Richardson,Texas
05/11/2019 - We haven't been without Cliphangers for years and years. Don't know what life with cell phones would be without out them. They're also great conversation starters...I've promoted them to more strangers than I can count.
Linda B - Rosenberg, Texas
05/02/2019 - Everywhere I go, people ask me about my Cliphanger... and I tell them that I couldn't live without it! It's the best thing ever. keep making them forever!!
L C B - Vero Beach, FL
05/01/2019 - Cannot imagine getting along without my Cliphanger have been using for years - LOVE IT!!!
Diane S - Lexington SC
04/30/2019 - Clip Hangers are the best! I've been using it for years and everyone who sees mine asks about it. The Hanger is a lifesaver.
Laurie S - Tucson, AZ
04/29/2019 - This is SUCH a useful little gadget. I recently broke mine when my phone got launched by my Grandchild and I was SO sad. It makes carrying your phone so convenient and easy. You can hang it on your belt, or over your finger. I totally recommend it to everyone!
Lassen A - Lake Mary, FL
04/29/2019 - Cliphanger lover for years!! Awesome !! Thanks for the great innovative, intuitive products & bogo promos !
Jolie L - Corpus Christi, TX
04/23/2019 - I've enjoyed my ClipHanger for years. I cannot imagine having a phone without it.
Janette H - Tucson, AZ
04/17/2019 - The cliphanger is awesome! I am now on my third phone and my original cliphanger still looks brand new! I just replace the 3M tab and I am good to go! Thanks Cliphanger!
Janet P - Pensacola, FL
04/17/2019 - We were introduced several years ago to CLIP HANGERS at our state fair and have used them ever since - plus recommended them to others. Often times people are curious when they notice the hanger and ask about it. We work on our farm and ever since cell phones got too big to fit into our pockets, this has been a great find for us! It keeps us from laying our phones down and forgetting/losing them.
Carol D - Kramer, North Dakota
04/17/2019 - Once you try Cliphanger—you are HOOKED. So glad that I asked a customer of ours about their phone holder probably 15-20 years ago.
Marilyn A - Harrisburg MO
04/17/2019 - I have been using my pivot since they introduced them and I will always have one no matter what phone I use. It makes picture taking a breeze and I never have to worry about dropping my phone! Thank you Cliphanger❣️
Debbi A - Orlando, FL
04/16/2019 - I think the Pivot is the best product ever made for a phone. Everyone notices it and I demonit to strangers at least 3 times a week.
Delia C - Deliatvp, NY, NY
04/14/2019 - Been using Cliphangers since they were invented, and got the case/Pivot combo for my i7+. Only problem, I hang my phone from my belt loop upside down so i can read the screen by glancing down, and other people can't read it. The case/Pivot combo comes with the Cliphanger already attached - right side up! No bueno! Should sell the two pieces apart.
Wm G - San Diego
04/13/2019 - Been using Cliphanger for 10+ years. This is the only website I use after I buy a new phone. I love the cases & the cliphanger.
Robert G - Urbandale, IA
Laura L - Elizabethtown, KY
04/03/2019 - Can not carry my phone without my clip hanger attached. Used it for years 👏👍👍👍awesome rh. Tn
Ruth H - Murfreesboro, TN
03/31/2019 - I used to have a cliphanger long time ago. And forgotten how I needed them. Ease of use getting my cell out of my pocket from the edge of my pockets instead fishing my whole hand down and ending up with inside out pockets. Thanks cliphanger for making such a fine product. When you think about it, you shaved hours off my life not having to search for things the hard way. Now I sent more time with my family. Thanks guys!!!
David R - Santa Ana
03/28/2019 - I've had these since 2013 - I can't be without one. I like the pivot since they don't break. Best way to keep track of my phone.
Laurie D - Agate, CO
03/21/2019 - Cliphangers are the most practical and easiest way to keep a phone on you all day.
Cheryl B - Palm Bay, FL
03/21/2019 - Ever since I saw and purchased Cliphanger over 10 years ago, I make sure to have one for all cell phones and recommended to my friends and those who notice my unique attachment.
ALVIN L - Heath, Texas
03/20/2019 - LOVE these!! I've been using them for many years and have gifted them to countless people who love them as well. It has saved me from dropping my phone and is so easy to clip on to my belt loop and other things as I go about my day. Every aspect is so convenient and now I look forward to the new kickstand to make it even more so!
Cheryl C - Lakeland, Florida
03/18/2019 - I love my Clip Hangers I am always asked at my vendor shows "Where did you get that I need one". I wish I could afford to carry them at my vendors shows I know they would sell out.
Vikki M - LeesSummit, Mo
03/18/2019 - Have used Cliphangers for years since they hit the market, love them and do without one
Joe B - Arlington, TX
03/15/2019 - I've been a customer since "way back when". I've tried them all - the regular cliphanger (great!), the pivit (even better!), the ring (good) the pop socket (ugh), and the love handle phone grip (cut off the circulation in my fingers). The pivit is the absolute best! And now I'm really excited that Cliphanger has the ring kickstand right on the pivit - the best of both worlds! Can't wait to get with my new case!
Sheri W - Storm Lake, Iowa
03/14/2019 - Been using Cliphangers for years. I bought a new Galaxy S10+ yesterday and was broken hearted that a standard Cliphanger would block the two of the three cameras. Buying a Pivot today, hoping that rotating the clip during photos will allow me to continue using Cliphangers! I liked the original so much that I bought extras and handed them to customers who asked where to get one! They love them!
Scott E - Salem, Oregon
03/11/2019 - I finally dropped my phone enough times to break my Cliphanger case. Can't live without it, so I'm ordering a new one!
Charlie H - Rancho Cordova CA
03/11/2019 - Wife uses the Cliphanger religiously. Wouldn't be without it. She orders extras to share with friends. Justin M
Justin M - Colorado Springs
03/08/2019 - I have been using cliphangers for nearly a decade now. They are wonderful, particularly, the Pivit. Unlike the phone cases most vendors sell, Cliphaners are feminine hip friendly when hung on a side belt loop, and if hung on a front belt loop, they don't break when you bend down. The phone is easier to get to on a cliphanger than when in a case. A ringing phone is easier to hear on a cliphanger than in a case, which is important since I am often in noisy places. Lots of people see it & think m
Claudia T - Kansas City, MO
03/05/2019 - Richmond
Philip G - TX
03/02/2019 - I've had Cliphanger Pivots and cases for so long, I can't remember. Whenever I get a new phone, the first thing I do is buy a new Cliphanger. I've never lost a phone, never dropped a phone, and never left my phone somewhere. It's one of the "must have's" in life!
Jeffrey D - Deltona, FL
03/02/2019 - Love my Pivit. I have used a Cliphanger for 10 years and will continue to do so as long as I can use a mobile telephone and walk.
Sims H - Arlington
03/02/2019 - Love my Pivit. I have used a Cliphanger for 10 years and will continue to do so as long as I can use a mobile telephone and walk.
Sims H - Arlington
02/27/2019 - I can't have a phone without my Cliphanger! I get asked by everyone where I got it. It is a necessity for me to have. Love this product and would recommend it to anyone.
Lisa L - Hollywood, FL
02/24/2019 - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cliphangers!!! Been using these for almost 10 years now.
Angela B - Grain Valley