Customer Testimonials

03/20/2019 - LOVE these!! I've been using them for many years and have gifted them to countless people who love them as well. It has saved me from dropping my phone and is so easy to clip on to my belt loop and other things as I go about my day. Every aspect is so convenient and now I look forward to the new kickstand to make it even more so!
Cheryl C - Lakeland, Florida
03/18/2019 - I love my Clip Hangers I am always asked at my vendor shows "Where did you get that I need one". I wish I could afford to carry them at my vendors shows I know they would sell out.
Vikki M - LeesSummit, Mo
03/18/2019 - Have used Cliphangers for years since they hit the market, love them and do without one
Joe B - Arlington, TX
03/15/2019 - I've been a customer since "way back when". I've tried them all - the regular cliphanger (great!), the pivit (even better!), the ring (good) the pop socket (ugh), and the love handle phone grip (cut off the circulation in my fingers). The pivit is the absolute best! And now I'm really excited that Cliphanger has the ring kickstand right on the pivit - the best of both worlds! Can't wait to get with my new case!
Sheri W - Storm Lake, Iowa
03/14/2019 - Been using Cliphangers for years. I bought a new Galaxy S10+ yesterday and was broken hearted that a standard Cliphanger would block the two of the three cameras. Buying a Pivot today, hoping that rotating the clip during photos will allow me to continue using Cliphangers! I liked the original so much that I bought extras and handed them to customers who asked where to get one! They love them!
Scott E - Salem, Oregon
03/11/2019 - I finally dropped my phone enough times to break my Cliphanger case. Can't live without it, so I'm ordering a new one!
Charlie H - Rancho Cordova CA
03/11/2019 - Wife uses the Cliphanger religiously. Wouldn't be without it. She orders extras to share with friends. Justin M
Justin M - Colorado Springs
03/08/2019 - I have been using cliphangers for nearly a decade now. They are wonderful, particularly, the Pivit. Unlike the phone cases most vendors sell, Cliphaners are feminine hip friendly when hung on a side belt loop, and if hung on a front belt loop, they don't break when you bend down. The phone is easier to get to on a cliphanger than when in a case. A ringing phone is easier to hear on a cliphanger than in a case, which is important since I am often in noisy places. Lots of people see it & think m
Claudia T - Kansas City, MO
03/05/2019 - Richmond
Philip G - TX
03/02/2019 - I've had Cliphanger Pivots and cases for so long, I can't remember. Whenever I get a new phone, the first thing I do is buy a new Cliphanger. I've never lost a phone, never dropped a phone, and never left my phone somewhere. It's one of the "must have's" in life!
Jeffrey D - Deltona, FL
03/02/2019 - Love my Pivit. I have used a Cliphanger for 10 years and will continue to do so as long as I can use a mobile telephone and walk.
Sims H - Arlington
03/02/2019 - Love my Pivit. I have used a Cliphanger for 10 years and will continue to do so as long as I can use a mobile telephone and walk.
Sims H - Arlington
02/27/2019 - I can't have a phone without my Cliphanger! I get asked by everyone where I got it. It is a necessity for me to have. Love this product and would recommend it to anyone.
Lisa L - Hollywood, FL
02/24/2019 - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cliphangers!!! Been using these for almost 10 years now.
Angela B - Grain Valley
02/21/2019 - I ordered cliphanger when it first was shown on QVC or HSN. I have used one on every phone I have had. It's part of my daily life. I have mobility issues and cannot hold cell phone easily w/o out it. I tie a ribbon on cliphanger to find it easily in purse.
linda c - Mount Airy,NC
02/16/2019 - I can't imagine carrying a cellphone without a Cliphanger attached to it. I love the security and protection it provides!
Debra L - Chino, CA
02/16/2019 - Great customer the hangers. .
Margie C - Kerrville, TX
02/15/2019 - I used Cliphanger for years and wouldn’t be without them so handy and convenient
Barbara C - Springfield, IL
02/15/2019 - Now that I've discovered Cliphanger, I couldn't imagine having a phone without one. Best invention ever!
Diane C - Lady Lake, Fla.
02/10/2019 - I've been a satisfied Cliphanger customer for probably nearly 10 years. It's a must for my phone. I hang it on my purse, belt loop or waistband and know right where my phone is (while friends are digging in the bottom of their bag). Thank you for an ingenious product!
Tami V - Phoenix
02/09/2019 - I've been using this for more than 10 years, with 3 different phones. Most easy and convenient way to keep any phone handy.
Kathleen B - FOUNTAIN, CO
02/06/2019 - Your website is user friendly and markets the products better than most.
AnDrew R - ON
02/01/2019 - I've had my cliphanger for 3 years and I love it! Just got a new case, so i am ordering new adhesives to move my cliphanger to my new case!
Jane Z - Garretson, SD
01/31/2019 - I am such a fan. I have been one for a long time. I recommend this company every chance I get. Thank you.
JAINAE C - Norcross, Georgia
01/29/2019 - I have been a Cliphanger customer for many many years and absolutely love them! I am a very very clumsy person and Cliphanger has saved many phones for me!! I will have on a Ciphanger case on my phone. Wish they had them for iPads. hint hint
Mary H - Alexander, AR
01/29/2019 - Can't be without the clip hanger! it's saved me from loosing my phone many times!!!
Susan C - Ventura, CA
01/26/2019 - I can't live without my Cliphanger!
L C B - Vero Beach, FL
01/24/2019 - Been using Cliphanger for years. Wouldn't be without.
Carmen M - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
01/23/2019 - I have used cliphanger pivits and cases for the last 10 years. I wear it on a lanyard so it is always within reach.Also the case really protects my phone. I would not be without it. Thank you cliphanger
Linda S - Mount Laurel, New Jersey
01/21/2019 - These are FANTASTIC !!! Don't know how I ever got along without one.
LaDonna D - Oscar, OK
01/08/2019 - Just got a new phone, and I miss my Cliphanger!And now there’s a card slot? Woohoo!
Georgianna S - Arlington Hts. IL
01/05/2019 - The original clip hanger was my first “holder” many phones ago. When I changed phones I started trying many other types, but none of them is as good as the original, and now they’ve made it flat and it pivots! FABULOUS! I’M BACK!
Sheri W - Iowa
01/02/2019 - The Cliphanger has saved my phone so many times! It makes the phone easier to hold and hang up, where it won’t get lost or damaged. - When I order I like to buy a few extra to give as gifts.
Hailey L - Lindon, Utah
12/23/2018 - I read so many wonderful things about Cliphangers… Normally I would get OtterBox but this looks to be so much better and so many other fearures besides just protection I can't wait to receive it for my new XS Max
Barbara C - Orange Box
12/23/2018 - I have used this exclusively for YEARS. I am Quick Draw McGraw with my Cliphanger. Everyone loves it and I am your best salesperson!
Selecia Y - Jacksonville, Florida